The Fall of VolkenheimEdit

The Fall of Volkenheim is a mod (modification) for the game Mount & Blade Warband. There is currently no version available to the public

It is set in the continent of Undalisia. Volkenheim was the dominant faction for the last century, but has been driven back by several wars. The different factions did not unite, but rather preyed upon a weakened Volkenheim. Strife between the noble lords caused them to not assist the king in his time of need, which lead to their own downfall.

How this Wiki will workEdit

Currently I am learning a lot about modding Mount & Blade Warband, which means the progress will be slow since I'm a newbie and the only member of the team. If people want to work on the modification, feel free suggest ideas. Currently i am working on the wiki to create an overview of tasks that need to be done, such as inserting new items into the mod.

Priority list:

Create faction names and leaders + pretenders

Create a rough campaign map for the game (scenes will happen late)

Insert items


Overview Edit

  • Factions
    • The Realm of Volkenheim
    • The Drachian Reich
    • The Empire of Regenhaldia
    • The Elloymian Kingdom
    • The Andalisian Sultanate
    • The White Dwarves
    • The Black Dwarves
    • The Noldoric Kingdom

Overview of links:

Latest activityEdit

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